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Martin Sauter is a digital artist & designer

Since 1992 I have worked on over 20 shipped titles for computer and videogames both retail and digital distribution models

Garfield's Nightmare

Art Direction, Ingame Graphics
Nintendo DS
The Games Factory
March 2007

This Garfield game was a special challenge for the team, as most present Garfield didn't succeed in presenting a solid game for the target audience. We build a game around classic jump&run elements, easy to play, with colerful visuals keeping the style of the classic cartoons.

The Press

"...This game is gorgeous. From Garfield's model to the lush castle, lava and snowy environments, the game suffers from none of the typical hard edges and visibly low polycounts that plague most 3D games on the DS. Every object and character in the game has a soft, clay-like shape atypical for such a low poly system, and the textures all have a warm, pastel tone...In some ways, the 3D here looks better than that of New Super Mario Bros. or Metroid Prime: Hunters..."

IGN 7.0/10.0

"...Shin’en delivers another blessing in disguise. Most people write off licensed titles without giving them a second glace, but Garfield’s Nightmare deserves serious consideration. The visuals are slick and beautiful for a DS game, as per Shin’en’s usual ability to pull off amazing graphics with the handheld..."

Gaming Nexus 81/100


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